What can I possibly say about myself… I used to be incredibly shy about speaking in public, and simply hated writing, yet now I somehow simply LOVE both! I live with my wife and 2 boys (now - large men) in a little invisible suburb called Langhorne, just north of Philadelphia.

I got married in 1995, and as it often happens, immediately began gaining weight! Over the years, I have gained over 50-60 lbs, without the slightest idea on how to control the expanding waist line. My eating patterns were truly chaotic, at best, and exercise routines sporadic and inconsistent. I was too heavy to run or even walk at a brisk pace, and despite being relatively strong, I was completely out-of-shape, with a huge gut always preceding me and weighing down on my entire life…

I kept on visiting gyms and trying on various routines, attempting to “turn fat into muscles”, as they frequently advertise. I have also tried countless diets, switching from Zero-Carb to Atkins to….. all kinds of other insanity. Nothing produced lasting results, and so I went on and on, ballooning to over 285 lbs, until I stumbled upon an interesting phenomenon that entirely changed my life - 5 AM Running!
Random Facts:

Twitter: Follow me on Twitter! @RealMikeKogan

Facebook: My Facebook Page

Cardio Routine: First-thing-in-the-morning run

Like to Drink: Water or vodka - nothing in between

Dream: To live a day without a clock

Special Diets: None, I have a "thing" against diets

Love: Quiet time, chess, running, Jiu-Jitsu, Seinfeld

Hate: Soft onion in a soup, boring people

Current Pursuit: Master's Degree in Psychology

Pets: Never wanted any, but my family decided to get a guinea pig, his name was Roger and I simply referred to him as "the rat". Then my wife suddenly sent him off somewhere, likely to visit a snake farm. Roger never returned, and was replaced as a pet by our current dog Freddie. He is ok, and doesn't bother me much, unless I am eating a big sandwich.

I am a tremendous supporter of all animals, and am an active member of Friends of Animals, an organization that advocates for the rights of animals, free-living and domestic. I believe that all animals should be free from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation around the world.

Favorite Movies:

Fight Club (not because of fighting, but due to its insane psychological depth)

Devil’s Advocate (a true masterpiece)

Shutter Island (simply incredible plot & ending)

The Game (the one with Michael Douglas)

Matilda (don't ask me why)